Personal Coaching

Co-creating success and fulfillment in your life and work

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Leadership coaching for c-level executives, managers and emerging leaders

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In-house expertise for organizational development and transformation

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We believe individuals and organizations leave a meaningful imprint when they live their values and purpose in service of building a better world. What you or your organization stand for, who you are, and how you achieve your objectives matter.  It is the cultural capital that sets you apart.

Outdated ways of doing business are proving ineffective and there is a demand for greater inclusion, transparency, and integrity. We are being called to live more consciously and to embody what we value through our individual and collective choices. The choices we make now enable the outcomes we create in the future.

At Imprint, we understand that the barriers to transformation are stubborn and complex. Solutions must be holistic, systemic, and address long-held assumptions and biases. Organizational transformation and personal transformation go hand in hand.